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Podcast: Treating Movement Disorders with Deep Brain Stimulation

Daryoush Tavanaiepour, MD, chair of the department of neurosurgery and medical director of movement disorders, discussed how deep brain stimulation, an innovative type of therapy, can benefit patients and caregivers of those with Parkinson’s and other movement disorders during the virtual Prime of Your Life event held via Zoom on Dec. 7, 2020.

A complicated procedure gone right

Lauren Fells vividly recalls the angst from April 27, 2019, the date a life-threatening tumor started its wrath. She was sick at work that day and had been battling migraine headaches for weeks. A month or so later, Fells learned from the UF Health Skull Base Center that she had a brain tumor, requiring expert removal to help her survive.

A Remarkable Recovery

Aaron “Melvin” Turner knew of the battle raging in his head between his brain and a growing tumor. He and his wife, Joan, had been working toward surgery for more than a year. Neither one of them was thrilled about it.

Thumbs up for Chris

UF Health TraumaOne and an outpouring of community support heal a local teen with a traumatic brain injury. Pam Hemmen sent her son, Chris, to his part-time job coaching youth sports with the family’s signature goodbye on the morning of July 23, 2017. “Don’t eat Tide Pods,” she said, with…

State prosecutor chooses UF Health Jacksonville for spine treatment

Chris Jackson slumped when he walked and had to force himself to stand straight for group photos. The bend in his back was so severe that colleagues secretly referred to him as Question Mark. The cause was a herniated disc in his lower back. As an attorney, presenting in the…

Restoring health, regaining mobility through advanced spine care

Comprehensive spine center opens at UF Health North Whether it’s a cancerous tumor, a spine fracture caused by a traumatic event or disc deterioration sustained over time, the UF Health Comprehensive Spine Center has experts to address the most complex spine needs. UF Health neurosurgeon Kourosh Tavanaiepour, DO, serves as director of…